Rethink is the next generation of insurance underwriting. We are a digital underwriting platform that automates the matching of capacity to risk.


Creating a sustainable insurance industry

Insurance works best when it works for everyone.


Generating authentic value over the long term

We believe that healthy partnerships are built based on trust and open collaboration.


Putting our People first

We empower our teams by nurturing a collaborative environment where we promote treating all people with dignity and respect.


Creativity through diversity

We embrace people from all backgrounds and walks of life as we believe that maintaining a diverse team will always be one of our main strengths.


Ethical stewards of technology

We are focused on upholding the trust of clients and partners as we bring capacity to risk. Acting with integrity and setting a positive example is what we do.

Insuring a Greener
Tomorrow, Today

In collaboration with the Ecologi, we're revolutionising the insurance landscape for a more sustainable world. With Ecologi's support, we prioritise the planet while safeguarding your future.

A dense rainforest

Branching Out Our Impact: 10 Trees Planted per Policy

For every policy underwritten, we don't just help our clients we plant 10 trees to build a brighter, greener future for all.

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A solar farm on a hillside stretching to the horizon.

Balancing the Scales:
Entire Workforce More than Carbon Offset

We believe in walking the talk. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our policies, ensuring our entire workforce's carbon footprint is offset for a truly sustainable business.

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Developing world children walking in a football field with well-worn football shirts.

Cultivating Hope:
Investing in Sustainable Communities

Our support goes beyond the clients we serve. We invest in local communities, fostering growth and sustainability to create a lasting, positive impact on the world around.

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Technology Partners

We're partnering with the best tech companies out there so that we can focus on what we do best.

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Insurance Partners

We have partnered with some of the largest insurers in the World to provide certainty and expertise to our clients

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Data Partners

Data has always been at the heart of insurance, but we haven't always cherished it. We're fixing that fast.

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Working at rethink

We are a collaborative team where everyone’s voice matters.

Maintaining employee satisfaction and development is a top priority as we know that people work best when they are happy and feel valued!

It makes sense - if you invest in your employees, you're investing in the future of your company. Plus, happy and engaged employees lead to happy and engaged clients.

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Do you want to work at an exciting, cutting edge, data and insurance company?

We are looking for talented,
driven people to join us

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We're rethinking insurance underwriting and business landscape. We're starting with the way we use data and technology to help insurers make better decisions.

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